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environmental services and waste management

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About Sunchemi

Sunchemi industries offers the full range of services that enable our clients to fulfill their international and national obligations as well as operational needs of collection, transport and disposal of oil waste in full compliance

Our Staff

We have a team of highly skilled professionals well trained workers of full range of equipment and sludge barge at your service we are thus able to complete the task and adhere to the standard requirements of respective government agencies within the shortest possible time and with the high importance of health, safety, environmental consciousness and quality standard.

Marine Environment

+ Removing of sludge, waste oil, garbage and sewage

+ We Provide full documentation and certificates where applicable

+ MARPOL 73/78

+ The Basel convention on the control of Tran’s boundary movement of hazardous wastes

+ With srilanka marine environment protection authority, international laws

+ Environmentally friendly practice

Marine Services

+ Tank cleaning services

+ Blasting, power tooling spray painting or normal chipping painting On deck, internal tanks, ships sides

+ Lashing, unlashing and labour gang supply

+ All kinds of maintanace work

Junk Dealing

We are buying at the lowest possible price for,

+ Scrap metal

+ Copper and brass

+ Old mooring ropes

+ Empty drums

+ Old batteries

+ Plastics

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